Kuroi’SH & Friends

This one is the most funny. Kuroi’SH shows his true form under a mask and wants someone to hear him squeal like a goat..He guarantees a laugh..

On the first message you have Kuroi’Sh, under the name Mipipiel Pipipone admitting he is black, gay, and autistic.He admits his social life is nothing. Wonder why he has no friends? Too many stalkings..

This second messages does show proof how lonley he has and he begs constantly for some likes. Also, as Mipipiel Pipipone.

The third is Kuroi’SH under the name of Marc Bildstein, you can see again the crying and again admits of his gay talk., especially after being blocked and feeling rejected..

This one shows Kuroi’SH fails at his attempts to hack and as a suppose to be hacker he begs for help..

The fourth is Kuroi’SH under the name Gabriel Asadi again begging to be a friend and show his jealousy of another.

The sixth shows Kuroi’SH as Gabriel Asadi throwing a temper tanrum, threatening to reporting as we know that is common of report phags..

The seven actually shows the real account Kuro’SH again mad and making childish indexes and posting, because he feels really rejected and jealous.

The eighth shows Kuroi’SH admitting how lonely he is. And Autist, claiming asperger’s syndrome, well truth is he has faggotry syndrome..

Now we have a friend of his Mathis Savoie aka Kelotex Gacha, admitting that Kuroi’SH does start trouble with everyone and even his friends..This second from Kelotex Gacha shows how the games are played between the friends, one minute they hate each other and try to destroy one another by pastebins and then 5 minutes later they are kissing ass again and starting with other people.

This shows Kuroi’SH under name Sabine HongKing begging again and crying to be accepted as a friend and apparently doesn’t understand the word no. He admits of his so called trolling and his stalking.